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These blinds feature an Aluminum track and channel with a unique spline to seal your alfresco area. The system glides smoothly up and down within the track and channel. This makes them a practical solution for a variety of situations, from enjoying a drink on the veranda on a mild day and hosting a BBQ, to entertaining friends without fear of wind and rain spoiling your occasion.

At Clear Blinds Australia we have been Manufacturing and Installing this system for over 12 years. We use only high-quality UV stabilized fabrics. Available in your choice of PVC or shade weave materials. We also pride ourselves in providing Genuine Ziptrak® system. These are custom-made to your requirements. Available in your choice of color, with the option of Color matched Pelmets or Motorization you can be sure that we’ll fit an option that is perfectly tailored to the existing dйcor of your house.

What are the benefits of using the Ziptrak Blinds?

There are numerous advantages of a Ziptrak® blinds. Not only do they provide protection from insects, sun and wind, but the system allows you to create a doorway in your blind with the aid of a Removable Post Kit which gives you access to your garden without having to roll up a wide section of blind. It is great for residential home, work place or commercial properties. It is very easy to operate without the need for any additional zippers, buckles and the likes. Zip track blinds shade have specially designed tracks, which allows your blinds to glide smoothly without any hassle and
can be stopped easily at any position you want. These blinds can integrate smoothly in any kind of property and make it look and feel extremely elegant within no time. This in turn adds to the enhanced look and feel of the property and consequently, it increases the value of the property. Additionally, these blinds also protect your property from the harsh sunlight, rains, winds or any other extreme weather conditions.

In addition to the general benefits, track guided blinds’ tighter fittings means they will have a positive effect on power bills, as they reduce the amount of energy used by keeping areas cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Track Guided blinds Zip blinds and Ziptrak®

Track Guided Blinds are stylish, modern and all that touch of sharpness to your outdoor areas which is way better than the older blinds that flap around and you had to constantly secure them down. There are no need for zippers, pulleys or straps to operate.

Most of our range can utilize this system and with teams in both Melbourne and system you can have your very own track guided blind systems that’s versatile and flexible. There are varieties of materials and a color to choose from that perfectly suits your specific requirements.


Tracking is installed along the edges of the area. This tracking uses a spring-loaded action which allows users to effortlessly roll the blinds up and down the slide track. They can be opened to any position, and can even be locked with a locking mechanism when fully deployed.


Blind material

Remember that all our PVC joins are high-frequency welded rather than being stitched, resulting in added durability and guaranteed longevity. Chose from…

  • tinted
  • clear
  • Japanese Marine Grade PVC
  • shade weave fabrics

Choose your tracking which is made from high quality aluminium extrusions and then powder-coated to any Colorbond® colour of your choice. Optional fully enclosed pelmets also apply. There’s also the option of a removable post to ensure panoramic views can be retained when desired.

As with most of our range, these come in the option of being electronically operated for added convenience. Learn more about our automated blinds by clicking here.

Track Guided Blinds for your Home

If you’ve ever had blinds in your Melbourne or Sydney home, you know that the type with pulleys and cords can be frustrating to use and can break easily. However, home owners won’t have this problem when they buy track guided blinds. Instead, with these blinds, homeowners can focus on living life and enjoying the benefits of hassle free blinds.

Instead of using the familiar ropes or pulleys to raise and lower blinds, track guided blinds use a small line of tracking up and down each side of the window or door opening where the blind is to be used. Then, our superior blinds are installed on this guided track. Once installed on the track, the blinds can be raised and lowered with ease just by using the convenient handle. The unique tracking system allows the blinds to go up and down easily due to the tracking system’s spring loaded mechanism. Also, the tracking system allows the blinds to be raised or lowered and stop at any position between fully closed or fully opened. They also have a locking system which will ensure ultimate weather protection.

Our blinds are a craft, well-executed of strong, durable, and visually appealing materials and made to use and last. All blinds are custom measured and made for each installation ensuring your home will have a perfect fit. Our blinds are all made of high grade clear or tinted PVC or a weave fabric for shade depending on your needs. Likewise, we use welded joints to increase the longevity of these blinds to the maximum. For large openings, we offer a removable post that can be easily moved when your blinds aren’t in use to keep a nice panoramic view. Our blinds not only help keep the sun out saving on cooling costs, but they can help your home stay warmer in the winter as well. Also, all of our blinds can be prepared for manual or electric operation. Now, we even offer solar powered electric motors, which are an amazing, environmentally friendly option.

Why choose Us?

We are one of Ziptrak’s largest customers and your win by our ability to offer a huge range of spectacular ziptrak blinds in Sydney and ziptrak blinds in Melbourne. With years of experience in this particular industry and a successful track record, we make it a point to sell only the high quality blinds to our clients and this is the reason why we are immensely popular with our past clientele. Here are some more reasons why they will recommend buying products from our doorstep:

  • We provide an entire range of Ziptrak blinds including different materials, colors and patterns
  • We help you save your money by providing budget efficient ziptrak blinds
  • Get the apt blinds that not only meet but exceed your expectations
  • We provide you 100% guaranteed satisfaction as and when you buy our blinds
  • Our professionals are well-trained to help you install the best blinds at your property
  • We provide the finest quality blinds at unbelievably low price

Contact us now to avail state of the art Ziptrak blinds

Awnings and Outdoor Blinds is a name to reckon with quality products and hence, if you too want to get the best zip track blind in Melbourne or zip track blinds in Sydney, then approach us and we will assist you in selecting them. Make the most of our proven expertise in this domain to get products that enhance the value of your property like never before. You can give us a call to ask us for a quote or meet us directly for this purpose. We are always eager to help you.

Clear Blinds Australia are proud to be a fully endorsed Manufacturer and Installer of the Ziptrak® system.


Contact Clear Blinds Australia today on 1300 736 110 for more information on our services, or to obtain a free measure and quote.

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