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What are Sorrento Shutters?

Sorrento Shutters are designed for interior and exterior use. They work just like regular shutters, enhancing the look of your home, but also come with number of superior functional properties. These shutters are strong enough to withstand storms and any attempts of intrusion which is also perfect for business establishments after hours or for use during hot nights at home.

What are Sorrento Shutters made of?

Our locally manufactured Sorrento Shutters are made of aluminium which will last much longer than wood or plastic. Aluminium is the best alternative to timber or cheap PVC type of shutters. Custom manufacturing means they will suits any window or door no matter how big or small, guaranteeing to give your modern or classically styled homes an elegant look.


  • Chip resistant

It is expected that it would just not tear or break regardless of the situation.

  • Strength and Security

It has been tested that aluminium shutters are way stronger as opposed to any other products on the market.

  • Protection

Aliminium shutters are highly durable and provide great protection from high winds and debris.

  • Versatility and variety

Since these are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, they can be power-coat finished quality available in a range of customized colours to fit any size.

  • Durability

Aluminium is a durable material and is able to hold out against damage or breakage. Aliminium is a wise and a long-term investment because it does not need to be regularly replaced.

What are your options to choose from?

Aluminium shutters are available custom made with a wide range of colours to choose from and option of frames of your choice. Contact us today and we’d love to talk more about which one best suit for you and your property.

How long do Sorrento Shutters last?

If properly maintained they last far longer than any other product and would rarely need replacing which adds up to a financial savings in the long term.

Can I move Sorrento Shutters from one place to another?

No, they are specifically designed according to your properties measurement and to permanently stay in place.

How much do Sorrento Shutters cost?

We start with an onsite measurement where one of our well trained experts comes out to your place to give you a proper estimation and the overall cost. Everything depends on the size and what type of materials they need to be attached to. Contact us today to get a more accurate answer as to the final cost.

What if I need more information or how do I order them?

Simple! Give us a call and speak with one of our experts. Once you have ordered, just sit back and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

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