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Blinds for Patios and Pergolas

Choosing patio blinds that suit

Patios are one of the essential outdoor living extensions in Australia. Found both in domestic setups as well as commercial establishments, they need to be protected from harsh climatic forces to maintain their livability factor. They are a popular choice to enclose with professional blind systems so they can become an entire room where you can entertain your guests and visitors all year round. Outdoor patio blinds are one of the most popular products we sell.

  • Choose from clear plastic, shadeweave or canvas
  • Select the attachment style including zipper, crank, string and tracking systems
  • Operated them manually or upgrade to a motorization option. Remote control options are also available
  • Colour choice is a breeze due to our wide range and we even Colorbond match

Choosing the best blind for your patio depends on how you want to use your area. For example, you can opt for a material that helps reduce the temperature range and protect you from direct UV rays. Or your might need a material that helps regulate the temperature and the ambient light, but also lets you see what is going on in the outside world. Privacy might be a concern meaning the choice between clear or semi-transparent or solid block material might be important.

Pergola Blinds

Help block unwanted sun and make your Melbourne or Sydney outdoor pergola more enjoyable with our quality blinds for pergolas. One of the top design trends is adding textiles to pergolas and arbors or utilizing transparent pvc clear blinds to give visibility to the outside. We’ll take care of everything from measuring the openings and helping you choose the right fabric to mounting your new blinds so that they’ll work properly and add a beautiful touch to your space.

Our custom tailor-made blinds are manufactured in Melbourne from the highest grade materials and will fit every space perfectly, keeping your outdoor areas livable for years to come.

Some of our installations

Pergola Blinds Options

Utilize the latest motorized options (remote systems also available) together with the Ziptak tracking system which keeps the edges tight and clean against your structure. You can choose a mesh that will allow the air to come through while keeping out the bugs, or we can provide you with a more solid material that will provide you with more privacy and warmth on cool nights. Pergola blinds Melbourne are made form high quality Japanese PVC plastic which gives a great window into your garden or backyard.

How to Enclose a Pergola

It’s actually much easier than you think. Installing blinds to enclose your pergola is an investment in your property and one of the cheapest ways to extend your house without the need for expensive structural walled extensions.We’ll come and measure up all the areas you want enclosed. We can provide you with blinds that cover the open walls of your pergola so that you can enjoy greater light control and privacy. With a professional design and installation, you can create a custom finish that’s smooth and attractive. We’re able to accommodate jobs of all sizes (including commercial work), and there isn’t a pergola we haven’t seen before.

How much do Pergola or Patio Blinds Cost?

If you are needing high quality patio blinds in Melbourne, or patio blinds in Sydney book in for a complimentary quote and measure to start the process. Browse through our website to take a quick look at what all products do we have to offer and choose the ones that adhere to your budget and requirements.

Quality Installation

Give us a call to see what we can do for you. We’re able to assist you with everything from the initial measuring to the customized manufacturing process, to the final installation. By only using premium materials, and by stocking a very wide range of colors and styles you can get a long lasting solution with the perfect look you’ve always dreamed of.

Why choose us?

We manufacture locally from the highest quality materials. We quote only after we have measured and spoken to you about your particular needs. We’ve been in the blinds industry for years now and there isn’t an area or structure that has challenged our expertise.


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