Outdoor blinds

Our blinds can provide shade and shelter, act as a room partition, or screen an area from view. With a wide range of colours, materials, and configurations available, we can ensure your new outdoor blinds or awnings will enhance your home or business’ decor.

Ziptrack blinds

Shade weave blinds

Did you know?

All of our outdoor blinds are custom manufactured at our factory at Somerville after extensive consultation to establish the most appropriate shading solution for your needs.

We have total quality control in the manufacture of the blinds we install and are all backed with our 5 year guarantee.

Rollup zipper & crank blinds


We are responsive

Our consultative approach means the more questions we ask the more we understand exactly how we can tailor a solution to your needs.

We are exacting

With an an eye for detail, we manufacture to measure, we work to the tolerance we set to provide a result that makes for seamless living.


We are methodical

Like a well oiled machine, our specialists work to bring the preceding elements to fruition, a project worthy to make life a celebration.