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What Are Croci Rolling Shutters?

You might already know that Clear Blinds Australia offers a wide range of blinds, including gazebo blinds, outdoor pergola blinds in Sydney and outdoor PVC blinds in Melbourne, but did you know that we also offer shutters?

Rolling shutters are a classic shading system for both residential and commercial properties. A popular and modern choice for many home and business owners, rolling shutters are very easy to install and serve many purposes. A convenient shutter can just be raised or lowered anytime you like according to your preference.

Available from Clear Blinds Australia, Croci Rolling Shutters are reliable and easy to use, with the touch of a button able to automatically open and close the shutters. They also provide protection, comfort and security and are designed to cover a wide range of home and commercial business areas such as windows, corner windows, sliding doors, front doors and more.

What are Croci Rolling Shutters made of?

They are made of aluminium and steel, which gives additional security because these materials are almost impossible to break. Moreover, a wide range of security options can be added to these rolling shutters to double security.

What are the benefits of Croci Rolling Shutters?

Increased Property Safety

These shutters provide reinforcement from extreme storms and winds and are ideal for windy areas. They improve overall property security by making it more difficult for burglars to break in.

Improves Energy Efficiency

They help insulate your property, helping to reduce the need for cooling and heating to save you money.

User Friendly

With its push button control, a hand-held transmitter or wall switch will deploy your shutters either in a raised or lowered direction.

Reduces Sun Exposure

These shutters can be easily adjusted and allow you to control the amount of light you want to come in, helping to reduce sun damage to your indoor furnishings and household items.


What options are available?

There are many options you can choose from based on the look you want to achieve. We’ll further discuss what would be the best one to get according to your preferences, dimensions and aesthetics. We might also suggest alternatives to shutters, such as outdoor café blinds in Melbourne or Ziptrak blinds in Sydney.

If I move property, what happens?

These rolling shutters are specifically made to fit the size of your windows and doors, so they can’t be taken with you should you wish to move.

Do Croci Rolling Shutters come with a warranty?

Yes, these shutters are guaranteed to have two years warranty from the date of purchase, but this is limited to defects due to production flaws.

How much do they cost?

Our well trained experts will conduct an onsite measurement, coming out to your place to give you a proper estimation and the overall cost of shutters and outdoor blinds in Sydney and Melbourne. Discuss your needs with us and we can provide you with all the information you need.


Croci Roller Shutters Croci Roller Shutters Croci Roller Shutters Croci Roller Shutters

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