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Clear Plastic PVC Blinds in Melbourne

Clear Blinds Australia has written this guide to assist home and business owners in their choice of clear plastic blinds. We hope this information will deepen your knowledge about this type of blind material and the options available for installation of clear PVC outdoor blinds in the Mornington Peninsula and Casey regions.

What Are Outdoor PVC Blinds?

PVC is technically Polyvinyl chloride, but more commonly it’s referred to as just PVC. Unless you are a chemist, it should not be confused with its close cousins polyethylene and polypropylene. The PVC used for our plastic blinds is flexible and not rigid like the same plastic used in construction for pipes, doors and windows.

Our available PVC blinds in Melbourne include:

  • Clear PVC cafe blinds
  • Outdoor plastic curtains
  • PVC roller blinds
  • Outdoor clear plastic roller blinds
  • Clear patio blinds
  • Plastic curtains for balcony areas
  • PVC bistro blinds
  • Marine grade PVC blinds
  • Outdoor PVC roll up blinds
  • Restaurant blinds
  • PVC weather screens
  • And more

Are All Clear PVC Plastic Blinds the Same?

We can’t speak for suppliers of DIY PVC blinds and cafe blinds (Masters, Bunnings, etc.) but the PVC material we use for our clear plastic blinds is directly imported from Japan, not China. We buy a marine-grade PVC plastic which is particularly high-quality, as it’s manufactured to be resistant to corrosive marine environments. Cheaper clear PVC plastic is typically imported from China and can be visibly thinner (and much cheaper). Generally speaking, it is far less durable and scratch resistant than the Japanese variety. We’ve noticed these cheaper clear PVC blinds will dull or yellow with sunlight exposure, fade, and scratch very quickly, meaning your blinds will only look good for a few months before you need to replace them again. For high exposure, wild weather areas, we always recommend a PVC blinds in Melbourne made from the Japanese PVC.

Are These the Same PVC Blinds You See in Cafes and Bistros?

Click on this link if you’re looking for commercial clear cafe blinds for your cafe, restaurant or bistro. There is no difference in the plastic that is used, but the terminology and some of the fittings used around the edges will differ. These outdoor PVC blinds go by many names, including: clear plastic, clear PVC, PVC, cafe bistro blinds, clear plastic roller blinds, clear cafe blinds and restaurant blinds. Owners of commercial establishments require higher quality fittings suitable for regular use due to the number of times these blinds need to be operated every day. Again, some installers will use cheaper plastic and fittings for home jobs versus commercial contractors who (should) use higher grade materials for outdoor plastic blinds. We use the same commercial-grade material for both our home and commercial clear blinds in Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and surrounds.

The Benefits of Clear Plastic vs. Shadeweave or Canvas

The most obvious benefit of clear PVC blinds is the transparency, meaning that you can have a clear view of your outside area. However, plastic blinds also stop air and water, so this blind material finish is often used together with almost air-tight tracking systems which help enclose outdoor areas off, creating a makeshift room. Many people like to use heating elements to create a room they can use comfortably in the winter without getting too cold. Whether you’re looking for PVC outdoor cafe blinds in Melbourne, clear Ziptrak blinds or gazebo blinds for your home, we can provide the solution you need.

Technical Details

Technical details of our PVC Blinds in Melbourne and Australia include:

  • Material Thickness – 0.75mm
  • Japanese Clear PVC Plastic
  • UV Stabilised
  • Cut to size and custom manufactured in Australia by Clear Blinds Australia
  • 5 year warranty
  • Tinted options available

Fitting and Installation Options

When you need a plastic blind in Melbourne, we offer the following fitting and installation options:

  • Ziptrak tracking system
  • Roll up
  • Hand crank
  • Motorised option with remote control options
  • Widths up to 5.5m using high frequency welding


You can order a measurement and installation of clear PVC blinds anywhere in the Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and Casey areas. We’re proud to be a leading choice for cheap plastic blinds, PVC patio blinds and outdoor pergola blinds.

How Much Do PVC Blinds Cost?

Our plastic blind shade price depends on the particular system you’re interested in. Prices vary from $300 to $2000 per blind. The final cost of outdoor PVC blinds varies depending on the size of the area you need it for and the attachments you require. For this reason, you need to first supply us with measurements of the area you need your PVC outdoor blinds for. If you can’t do this, we offer a complimentary measurement service at your address. At this visit, we can also talk to you about the different options we would recommend given your particular needs, such as whether you need waterproof blinds for a balcony or durable plastic cafe blinds. From here, we can then supply you with an accurate quote for clear blinds in Melbourne. Note − we will not be the cheapest, as we use higher quality materials and custom make these products to size. If you are after standard sized PVC blinds, your best bet is to visit your local hardware store for DIY PVC blinds.

Pictures of Clear Plastic Blinds from our Installations

View pictures below which feature clear outdoor blinds. We have many more, so if you’re after something specific, please get in touch so we can show you our full portfolio.

The Installation Process

Installing outdoor cafe blinds and plastic patio blinds can be very fiddly. Every side needs to match up, otherwise you will get creases and sags in the blind material which can spoil the finished look. Custom fabrication means our product is made to fit any size of window or door and is available in almost any colour − both tinted and clear. This allows you to add your own personality to the outdoor PVC blinds in Melbourne you end up choosing.

Book in a Measurement

Fill out as much information as you can on the form on this page and we will get back to you to arrange a complimentary measurement for clear PVC cafe blinds or other PVC blinds in Melbourne. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our staff or our business owner Scott by calling our main line on 1300 736 110.

A Bit About Us

Our company strives to offer excellent customer service from our knowledgeable salespersons and our experienced installation techs. Not only do we offer a satisfaction guarantee, but we have staff on hand to assist you, from product selection to installation and repair or maintenance. One of our techs can install your clear PVC cafe blinds in Melbourne for you and provide you with instructions and contact information in case you need to reach us or require follow-up care.

Stop avoiding your outdoor areas and start enjoying them with custom PVC blinds from Clear Blinds Australia. Discover our range of outdoor PVC blinds online today.

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