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Cafe Blinds in Melbourne

At Clear Blinds Australia, we’re proud to offer an excellent range of cafe blinds to choose from. Also known as alfresco blinds, outdoor bistro blinds and restaurant blinds, these external blinds are among our most popular products. We’ve designed and custom fitted hundreds of cafe blinds in Melbourne, including the Mornington Peninsula and Casey regions.

Stylish Outdoor Cafe Blinds for Your Business

Cafes, bistros and restaurants love bistro blinds because they allow outdoor areas to be extended without exposing customers to the elements. You can quickly increase your available floor capacity with the right outdoor blinds, allowing your patrons to stay longer. Customers end up spending more in an environment they find comfortable.

As a restaurant owner, you need to invest in your outdoor areas so you can cater to those who enjoy fresh air, as well as smokers and pet owners. However, to create a comfortable area, you need more than just a bunch of tables and chairs. A form of cover, even if it’s partial, can provide protection against the elements, whether it’s Melbourne bistro blinds to keep customers dry from the rain or tinted blinds to shade them from the sun.

Clear Blinds Australia can provide you with a completely bespoke solution that works with your particular areas. We’ll come to your business in order to measure and custom fit our locally manufactured bistro, cafe and alfresco blinds in Melbourne.

Available Varieties and Options

Because we only offer custom solutions for our cafe blinds in Melbourne, we can install a wide variety of outdoor bistro blinds depending on your specific needs and requirements. We understand that everyone is different and no two areas are the same size.

Choose from:

  • Zipper blinds which don’t require ropes and pulleys (also known as Ziptrak blinds)
  • Track guided alfresco blinds in Melbourne which don’t require much space
  • Clear plastic PVC, shade weave fabric and other material options for clear or tinted blinds
  • Motorised or manual pull options

Outdoor Cafe Blinds for Year Round Comfort

Our Melbourne cafe blinds can help to keep your patrons warm in winter and cool in summer. Melbourne residents know all too well that in winter, cafe blinds and awnings can protect them from heavy rain, wind and occasional hail.

By helping to control airflow, the efficiency of existing heating solutions can be maximised. Increase the comfort of your customers by maintaining a warmer area for lower heating costs.

In summer, outdoor cafe blinds, awnings and side panels can protect patrons from direct sunlight, helping to keep the area cool. Our shade bistro blinds are the perfect option to help keep people enjoying the weather by cooling down with drinks in the shade.

Popular Blinds for Home Alfresco Areas

The word alfresco means dining outside. An alfresco area is usually an excellent nook of a home (or any other building) which overlooks the surroundings and is used for hosting dinners and parties or for any other recreational purposes.

But sometimes when you’re in the mood to celebrate and enjoy your alfresco area, the weather can spoil your plans. For instance, the climate might turn extremely breezy, there could be a sudden downpour, or direct sunlight could make the temperature hot and unbearable.

This is where alfresco blinds enter the scene. Also known by other names such as outdoor patio binds, bistro blinds, cafe blinds and outdoor blinds for pergolas, alfresco blinds can help you enjoy your life in your outdoor extension without any hassle all year round. Tinted and clear alfresco blinds can be used to enclose an open space and make it a more comfortable dining or leisure area. In fact, you can get various blinds in different hues and tints to match the decor of your property. This is why these blinds are also highly preferred by cafe and restaurant owners in Melbourne, Casey, the Mornington Peninsula and beyond.

At Clear Blinds Australia, we’re proud to provide some of the highest quality alfresco blinds in the country. We have a wide range of sleek alfresco blinds in Melbourne which fit effortlessly to your extension and can transform the entire area into an impressive entertainment zone. In short, we have perfected the art of creating, supplying and installing state-of-the-art Melbourne outdoor blinds.

Whether you require outdoor PVC blinds in Melbourne, outdoor pergola blinds or gazebo blinds, all you need to do is to contact us and we will provide what you need.

Blinds for Commercial Restaurants, Bistros and Cafes

If you own a cafe, bistro or restaurant, you want to do everything to ensure that your guests are comfortable. Comfortable guests will be happier, stay longer and ultimately spend more!

Professional restaurant blinds are the answer. These are also known as bistro blinds, cafe blinds and outdoor roll up blinds. You’ll be able to add an elegant or casual touch to the room while creating the ideal level of light control. We custom make only high-quality bistro blinds in Melbourne that are attractive, durable and highly functional.

Cafe Blinds Made in Melbourne

Cafe blinds in Melbourne are put to the test when they’re in commercial buildings. The weather can be wild and unpredictable, so you need to invest in premium materials and stainless steel hardware which can survive against the elements. All too often, we’re called out to repair or replace existing out door blinds which have been torn apart from a previous cheaper installation. The wind gusts in Melbourne can be especially ferocious, so it’s important that all the seams and joins are of high quality. It’s not just about the stitching, zips or attachments, as the lower quality clear plastic can also deteriorate quicker than the Japanese, marine-quality product that we use.

Bistro Blinds vs. Cafe Blinds vs. Restaurant Blinds

People tend to use the term bistro blinds, but the term is also interchangeable with cafe blinds and restaurant blinds. If you need bistro blinds in Melbourne, give us a call. For most restaurants with outdoor areas, you will more often than not need umbrellas or an outdoor blinds zip track solution to help protect customers from the elements.

Custom Made Products for a Perfect Fit and Look

Our service begins with an onsite measurement, where one of our employees comes out to you to give you a proper estimation. Outdoor external blinds that fit perfectly look far better than ones with gaps or are oddly sized. After the measurement, we can let you know how many spans you will require and which attachment systems will be suitable. There are so many options available that we really need to talk to you and understand your outdoor area first. Many restaurants choose to fit cafe blinds inside the window frames, but we also offer overlapping bistro blinds and colour-matched Ziptrak outdoor blinds in Melbourne to give you a clean, strong fit. With this style, you’ll hide the framework and keep the focus on your internal decorations.

Versatile for All Establishments

We can easily service any type of dining establishment with our Melbourne cafe blinds, including cafes, fine restaurants and bistros on the Mornington Peninsula and beyond. We have an extensive selection of colours and styles to choose from, allowing you to put the perfect finishing touch on your business. Our design professionals will guide you through the entire process to ensure you enjoy hassle-free service on every Melbourne bistro blinds order.

If you haven’t already, we recommend you invest in quality cafe blinds so that you can have a more comfortable dining atmosphere. We’re able to accommodate all types of styles, ranging from rustic and casual to edgy and modern. We’ll treat you with respect and help you choose the ideal look for your needs. Rather than going with ready-made Melbourne outdoor blinds that don’t quite fit or work, let us provide you with high-quality products that will look amazing and provide you with years of reliable service.

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