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Discover the Best Outdoor Blinds in Melbourne

Outdoor Awning Blinds That Look Great

There’s nothing worse than an outdoor space that no one uses − and on the flip side, there’s nothing better than an outdoor area you can enjoy at any time of the year, no matter what the weather is like. There’s also nothing better than finding the perfect fit and design of outdoor awning blinds to impress your guests.

Clear Blinds Australia is a family owned company that’s committed to treating customers just like part of the family. Specialising in the custom manufacture and installation of external outdoor blinds, screens and awnings in Melbourne, including the Mornington Peninsula and Casey regions, we can help you discover the best solution for your property. Our estimators will come out to your home or business to measure, discuss design options and provide a quote. By fitting every required space individually and manufacturing locally, we can provide you with the highest quality solution for your outdoor areas. Whether you want outdoor blinds in Melbourne or alfresco blinds in Melbourne, there’s nothing quite like the look of a tailored product that just fits perfectly.

Australian Made Outdoor Patio Blinds in Melbourne

All of our Australian outdoor blinds are custom manufactured out of our factory near the Mornington Peninsula at Somerville, Melbourne. This means that we can measure, manufacture and deliver in the same day for customers wanting outdoor blinds in Melbourne, Victoria.

We don’t believe in taking cheap shortcuts that will compromise the durability of the end product. Our reputation is the main reason we receive so much work, and we work hard to maintain it. We take our job seriously and take great pride in producing outdoor blinds for Mornington Peninsula and Casey properties. While we import some materials (such as high-quality PVC from Japan), our blinds are cut and assembled at our South Eastern Melbourne location.

The Benefits of Our Outdoor Living Blinds

Suitable for all areas, our custom outdoor blinds offer a range of fantastic benefits:

  • External all weather blinds and cafe awnings in Melbourne are resilient to extreme weather conditions like sun, rain and wind. Unlike aluminium blinds, they don’t corrode easily, and unlike wooden ones, they don’t rot − meaning they’re easy to maintain.
  • Thanks to pergola blinds in Melbourne, you can extend your existing living space or entertainment areas without the significant cost of structural extensions.
  • Perfect for gazebos, balconies, Stratco pergolas, patios, verandas and decks.
  • Outdoor clear plastic PVC blinds mean you can have protection without obstructing your visibility. Also comes in a tinted option for best of both worlds. These are popular in cafes and bistros.
  • They reduce ambient heat and keep your living areas cooler.
  • Outdoor blinds in Melbourne help to minimise harmful UV rays.
  • They provide shelter from the sun, wind, rain and flying insects.

Functional & Stylish Outdoor Awning Blinds

Retractable folding arm awnings are the modern answer to controlling extreme heat and rain, and technology has made it possible to offer options for motorised operation. Wherever a bit of protection is needed, an awning made of canvas, mesh or PVC coating can be designed and manufactured to your specifications. Our custom made outdoor blinds and awnings are an excellent choice for residential and commercial applications.

If you’re not sure what you need, our sales representatives are always on hand to provide answers to mounting questions. With their help, you can discuss the benefits, weigh up the available options and receive a quote to get started on your outdoor space upgrade. Whether you want clear outdoor Blinds to provide wind and rain protection, outdoor living blinds to update your home’s appearance or café blinds in Australia that allow you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bugs, we can help you select the best outdoor awning blinds for your particular application.

The Best Domestic and Commercial Solutions

Clear Blinds Australia uses the same high-quality standards when fitting and manufacturing all outdoor blinds in Melbourne, Victoria. This makes our product suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Our clear blinds are frequently purchased by cafés, bistros and restaurants to help make their alfresco areas comfortable. Alternatively, our Shadeweave fabrics are popular with both childcare facilities and schools.

To add a touch of class to your area, we have a Colorbond-matched range of aluminium slide tracking systems, including the Ziptrack tracking system that has a very neat and tight finish. For those who want an automated outdoor living blinds system, consider installing one of our motorised options to help prevent the need to use a crank. We also partner with Luxaflex and their quality range of shutters, awnings and blinds. Custom-making every product means our full range of outdoor awning blinds and cafe blinds in Australia can be adapted to almost any domestic or commercial situation. For custom outdoor patio blinds in Melbourne, including the Mornington Peninsula, there’s no better choice than Clear Blinds Australia.

Enjoy Expert Service from Our Team

Our team of local assessors will provide you with a complete evaluation and recommendation based on your particular needs. We’ll help you understand the choices available, including track guided, dual system, Ziptrak® blinds, custom made outdoor blinds, outdoor PVC blinds and outdoor pergola blinds. We’ll also explain the benefits of folding arm awnings, drop awnings and automated or motorised blinds. By taking exact measurements onsite, we can ensure the most appropriate and best-fitting solutions are recommended. Even the opacity of your custom outdoor blinds can be tailored to your needs.

Well fitted, modern awnings and outdoor living blinds ultimately provide you with a better outdoor living environment. Whether you opt for Ziptrak blinds or alfresco blinds in Melbourne, these additions to your outdoor space can create a new level of comfort while improving the appearance of your home or business.

Choose from a Range of High-Quality Options

Whether you’re looking for Ziptrak blinds or outdoor cafe blinds in Melbourne, our products range is extensive and contains many colour and material options. We are experts at manufacturing and installation, and we take extra steps to ensure the job is done right from start to finish. From quoting and measuring through to installation of outdoor blinds in Melbourne, you can be sure the job will be done right.

Never stitched or stretched, our blinds are stabilised with a welding technique that keeps them from unravelling through seasons of use. Heavy-duty marine grade material is used for our clear blinds, and the attachment fittings are custom made for durability. This combination will ensure your outdoor blinds on the Mornington Peninsula will endure through the worst Australian weather conditions. Professional outdoor blind installation also gives your home a savvy appearance.

Book in for a Complimentary Measure and Quote

Interested in getting stylish and practical outdoor living blinds or gazebo blinds installed? Our experienced consultants can bring samples to your home or business across greater Melbourne. We’ll sit down and discuss options with you so you can make an informed decision that takes your budget and preferred style into account. We service Melbourne, the Eastern and Western suburbs, the Mornington Peninsula, Casey and Geelong.

Call Clear Blinds Australia now on 1300 736 110 or fill out our contact form to schedule an inspection and quote for outdoor blinds and patio blinds in Melbourne.

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Which blinds are best for outdoor?

Outdoor areas are perfect for spending time with family and friends. The outdoor environment can be enjoyed if arrangements are made to avoid the effects of the weather. Blinds are the perfect solution for this purpose, but it is difficult to make the best choice. According to the experts, Clear Plastic PVC blinds, Shadeweave Blinds, and Ziptrak Blinds can be taken as the best outdoor solutions. These are perfect for all outdoor sections, be it a gazebo, balcony, pergola, patio, veranda, or deck. By installing these in your outdoor space, you can reduce UV rays while also providing protection from direct sunlight, wind, rain, and insects. If you want to enjoy the outdoor view while keeping you safe from all disturbances, clear PVC blinds are an excellent solution.

How much do outdoor blinds cost in Australia?

There is no denying that one should have to spend a good amount if they want to have blinds in their living or commercial space. It depends on the category and quality of the blinds that you consider, as well as the area of the space where you want to install the blinds. Our blinds and awning experts can help you with the cost estimation and also assist with suitable selection.

Check if the blind is track guided?

Whether you're choosing blinds for your home or commercial space make sure that they have the proper operating mechanism, known as track guided system free from cords, chains and ropes. This allows user to make a frame for the blinds, in which tracks are mounted to the walls. Thus, it restricts the air flow, dust and insects from entering your premises. Ziptrak clear PVC blinds come with a centre switch which allows the user to pull the screen up to open the shutter and down to close it. Apart from this, it also comes with a lock system that helps to stop the screen at the height you need.

Is the PVC of high quality?

Interested in buying PVC but concerned about its quality? Since we never provide cheap quality products and deal only in leading brands. We assure you about the PVC quality that you will get only the best heavy-duty marine grade material Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ever used by any popular supplier. You'll be able to block wind, UV and maintain the outdoor space temperature.

Which is better –PVC or sunscreen mesh?

Quality-wise, these can't be compared as they are both the best at their form. PVC blinds are recommended if you wish to avoid airflow, heat, or flying insects while still enjoying the view. Also, these are durable, long-lasting, dent-free, light-controlling, and energy-efficient. On the other hand, sunscreen mesh is ideal for privacy. It can also prevent from rain and wind whilst maintaining the outdoor living space's temperature. This also allows you to have a blurry outside view, but in the night, neither PVC nor mesh can restrict anyone from seeing your movements from outside. If you prefer motorised blinds, then clear PVC is not for you.

Is the blind suited for windy condition?

Well, it is difficult to use blinds in coastal and high-wind prone locations. Still, the robust and strong manufactured products can be used in the outdoor living space. If you use the blinds with care, you can enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones. In high airflow times, the blinds should be fully retracted and properly locked; they should not be halfway down. The user should provide hand support while closing or opening the door fully in windy conditions.

What areas are the blinds most suited to?

Blinds are the best for homes as well as offices, as they provide maximum privacy. You can get blinds installed inside the living or working premises as well as outdoors. It can be used above window frames to restrict unwanted eyes as well as to cover poor window designs. Experts suggest mounting it in compact spaces and where the sunlight from the window directly falls on your furniture or carpet. Large-sized blinds are well-suited to outdoor living spaces, verandas, and pergolas.

How do I secure my blind if I have no posts?

Blinds are almost essential to everyone as it is useful to keep the premises naturally comfortable and safe from unwanted wind, noise, sun glare, insects, etc. It seems almost impossible to attach the blinds without holes in the wall, but wait, there are a couple of practical ways you can try to hang your blinds on walls or above the windows. Instead of drilling holes in the walls, you can consider magnetic blinds, tension rods, command hooks, command strips, adhesive hooks or adhesive strip solutions, and self-adhesive blinds.

What is the guarantee on outdoor blinds?

Regardless of weather, blinds can be used without stress as they are fixed with welding techniques. Thus, these are unravelled for months of use. We provide heavy-duty marine grade material made of clear PVC or mesh blinds and the best quality, durable fitting components. You don't need to worry, even in the worst Australian weather conditions. If you want to know more about the extended warranty for further repairs or replacements, you can contact our experts.

What is the best blind to reduce noise?

However, glass is considered an effective material for blocking noise. But, in the blinds, manufacturers use PVC to completely cut the noise, wind, and other obstructions. Since there is no way to cross the sheet, you get a completely calm and peaceful outdoor space. And if you are concerned about the noise inside the room, thermal insulated fabric-based blinds will be the most suitable for soundproofing.

Are PVC blinds good?

Rather, these are the best if you're not concerned about privacy in your outdoor living space. Fabric-based blinds, although good to block the sun glare, also cut the outside view. Polyvinyl chloride fabric (PVC) is incredibly strong, so blinds made of this material are very durable and strong enough to stay sturdy against wind, rain, and other natural obstructions. When you use clear PVC sheeting, you can enjoy being outside without being affected by the weather.

Which blinds are suitable for covering balcony to prevent dust and heat?

Balconies are good to get some peace, but these need to be covered as weather conditions can create great disturbance amid enjoyment. Sunscreen mesh and PVC blinds are good to block dust, heat, and wind, especially for balconies. If you want a small amount of light in the daytime, then blinds made of fabric or PVC (shaded) are suggested, but if you want to peep into the world outside, clear PVC can be chosen without further investigation.

What is a Patio?

A patio indicates that it is situated in the building's courtyard. They are located next to your residence and on the ground level. They may be made of stones, concrete, or gravel. A patio is not required to have walls, but it must have a roof. If you want to enjoy a variety of weather conditions, you may install blinds on the pillars to create a functional outdoor living area.

How Do Ziptrak Blinds Work?

The Ziptrak blinds use a cordura tape, also known as kedar, which is a good fabric welded to the blind material. The robust combination delivers an excellent balance of strength and stretchiness. The system is strong, reliable and gives a much cleaner look due to the tightness of the fabric. Aside from that, it can handle all kinds of weather because it has a built-in track-guided system.


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